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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 60 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%

We create timeless eyewear entirely handcrafted in Italy by the best artisans using the finest quality materials.


Somewhere around the turn of the century society’s perception of quality got clouded by brand names. No where was this more prevalent than the eyewear industry.

Consumers associated outrageously high prices with a high level of quality, but no one really understood why they were paying so much for a pair of on trend sunglasses that they’d misplace within 12 months.

Oblyk was created in 2014 by Sydney based Italian born tailor Massimo Guglielmi following an unplanned trip to Northern Italy.

"When I went there I got greeted by a kind old man who welcomed in and took me through his factory. It was a small family run workshop with just few artisans making optical frames with their own hands, same as it was done hundred years ago.

The final product was truly amazing and you could see the quality in all details. I was stoked and instantly fell in love for it. So I thought I would take this opportunity to create my own collection of Italian handmade sunglasses."

From this Oblyk was born with a main goal in mind: deliver high quality handcrafted Italian eyewear at an accessible price.


Unlike many brands on today's market we don’t compromise quality to cut costs by shipping Italian components to China and put them together. 

All of our products are traditionally made by hand using only the finest Italian components and finished by hand in Italy in a family run factory where "no one really speaks English". Even our Petrol Blue vintage inspired pouch is made in Italy.

Becoming an Oblyk affiliate is easy and free! 


  • No sign-up costs to join
  • 20% Commission Rates
  • 60-Day Cookie
  • Average cart: 220 USD
  • Top quality products, 100% handmade in Italy
  • Traffic from all geo locations allowed
  • Worldwide shipping 
  • Easy-to-navigate user flow – more sales for you!

Earn cash just by introducing visitors to our brand! 

Every time you send a customer our way and he or she makes a purchase on our website, you earn a commission. Ready to start earning with us?? 


We partner with Refersion, a third party tracking company that monitors affiliate sales. Affiliate programs are their business, so you’ll get quality customer service and account management.


It’s easy. And even more important, it’s free. 

You just need to fulfill the form on the left and you are in. You will immediately receive an email, just need to follow the instructions. For any problem, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

If you don't see the form, CLICK HERE and you’re rolling. 

Terms and Conditions


Oblyk will endeavour to make sure your application is considered within 1 week after the date of submission. 

Not all applicants are allowed to join our affiliate program, but only selected ambassadors. If you think to embody our values of excellence and style, then apply now. 

Domain Usage

Affiliates are not permitted to purchase, own or bid on any domain names with the brand "Oblyk", or misspellings of "Oblyk" in the URL (e.g.

Affiliates are not permitted to include Oblyk brand terms, or misspelt variations of these brand terms in the subfolders of their website's URL (e.g.

Affiliates are permitted to use Oblyk brand terms spelt correctly after the domain of their website's URL (e.g.


Brand bidding, along with all permutations, is not permitted across any search engine. 

Bidding on generic keywords to promote the programme is permitted and encouraged.

Please note that using the Oblyk brand terms, misspellings or derivatives of these terms in the Title, Content or Display URL is also forbidden, and direct linking is also not permitted in your PPC ad. 

Affiliates should be aware that brand terms are being monitored constantly.

Affiliates must make sure they do not use "tm" or "official" or any words in their ad that would lead the user to believe the ad was placed by Oblyk directly.

Affiliates are requested not to bid on competitor brands while driving traffic to the Oblyk website.


Affiliates should be aware that Oblyk may run brand or brand + generic term activity with selected partners, and ask that you please be respectful of these relationships and refrain from bidding on these terms. 

If you would like to put forward a proposition to Oblyk to bid on these terms, we welcome this - please send any propositions directly to [email protected]

Oblyk will take responsibility to making sure to issue the most up to date content and offers to it's affiliates - however it is the responsibility of the affiliate to keep content on their website up to date, and not to promote any offers which are not valid or are in any way misleading to consumers.

Google Base

Affiliates may not submit links to Oblyk products on Google Base.

Commission Payments & Returns

Currently affiliates can expect for all commissions to validated after the passage of 30 days from the date of transaction.

This because there might be product returns. If so, Oblyk won't recognize the commission since the sale had not place. 

For you to know, our return rate is one of the lowest on the market: 0,2%.

Penalties for PPC Breaches

Breaches of terms and conditions will be subject to penalties and possible suspensions if they are not dealt with in a timely manner.

The policy for dealing with breaches of our Terms and Conditions is outlined below:

If an affiliate is found to be breaking the Terms and Conditions they will be contacted by email by the Oblyk account manager and informed of the breach. 

They will be given 48 hours to make the required changes to their site or campaign.

If no response has been received from the affiliate after this time period, the affiliate will be contacted again and commission will be reduced to zero. 

Please be advised that breaches of Terms and Conditions can and may result in suspensions from the Oblyk programme.

Suspensions and Leaving the Programme

Any affiliate found to be breaking the aforementioned Terms and Conditions will risk suspension from the programme and having any Pending commissions declined.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the affiliate agrees that they will be responsible for removing all reference to the Oblyk website and brand from their website or campaigns, including any images, links, product information or logos should they leave or be removed from the Oblyk affiliate programme.


If you have any queries at all regarding our Terms and Conditions, please contact [email protected]